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Treat. Play. Love.

Mobile pet training service operating in Highfields, Toowoomba, and surrounding areas

About Us

Treat. Play. Love. is a mobile pet training service operating in Highfields, Toowoomba, and surrounding areas. We offer a range of services including in-home training consultations, remote video consultations, and educational sessions for industry professionals and students. Whether you own a dog, cat, or parrot, we can help you!

Our Delta-qualified trainer will help you to resolve your pet problems using modern, reward-based methods. Our goal is to help you and your pet live in harmony with each other, not in conflict.

To learn more about our trainer, services, and past clients, please explore the website. You can also find us on Facebook for lots of fun updates on clients and plenty of helpful training tips.



1-on-1 Pet Training

Treat. Play. Love. offers 1-on-1 pet training in your home. Our qualified trainer will assess your pet in your home, and design a training plan unique to you and your pet. We understand that families are often time-poor and will discuss a variety of training options with you to ensure that you can make time in your day to work with your pet. Not local? We can also help with video consultations!

Puppy Training

If you are welcoming a new puppy to your home, we would love to help you get off to a great start. We offer 1-on-1 puppy training for pups up to 4-months-old, focusing on common puppy problems like chewing, biting, and toilet training. We can answer all your puppy questions and help you enjoy this fun time in your new pup’s development.


Treat. Play. Love. offers a variety of educational seminars on topics ranging from Canine Body Language to Parrot Behaviour and Training. We can help with educational presentations for students, veterinary teams, training clubs, and more.

Belinda Young

Belinda Young is the owner and trainer at Treat. Play. Love.She grew up with a passion for animals and turned this into her career when she began vet nursing in 2008.


Belinda completed her Diploma of Animal Technology at CIT in Canberra, and it was during this study that her interest in behaviour and training was sparked.


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