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Meet the Trainer

Belinda Young

Belinda Young is the owner and trainer at Treat. Play. Love. She grew up with a passion for animals and turned this into her career when she began vet nursing in 2008. Belinda completed her Diploma of Animal Technology at CIT in Canberra, and it was during this study that her interest in behaviour and training was sparked. In 2016 she completed her Cert IV in Companion Animal Services through the Delta Institute, one of Australia's leading educators of professional dog trainers.

Belinda takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest information available to the animal training industry. She regularly attends seminars, webinars, and online courses, and constantly has her nose in various animal behaviour books. She is a current professional member of the APDT Australia and PPG Australia.

A woman sitting with her legs to the side with a scruffy dog on her right and a red macaw on her left hand
A woman sitting on an outdoor sofa with a scruffy dog sitting on her left and two green parrots on her right hand and shoulder

When Belinda is not busy studying she can often be found in the company of her husband, Steve, and their menagerie of pets. Steve shares Belinda's passion for animal behaviour, and they both enjoy spending time training their pets.

Belinda is excited to have the opportunity to share her passion for training and behaviour with clients and their pets. Helping pets and their families live in harmony is one of Belinda's greatest passions.

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