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Puppy Training


Our 1-on-1 puppy training services are perfect for new puppy owners wanting to skip the information overload that comes through internet searches and well-meaning (but vastly differing) advice from family and friends.

Learn how to support your puppy as they navigate growing up in your home, helping to minimise problems like biting, chewing, and toilet training. We’ll help you with skills including settling quietly on a mat, coming when called, and walking politely on-lead. We can also help you to navigate introductions to new people and pets (dogs, cats, etc), setting your new pup up for a social and friendly future.

It is never too soon to start training! Our 1-on-1 puppy training services are best suited for pups up to 4 months old. We can make a start in your pup’s first week home, or even schedule a pre-puppy session before you bring your new family member home. Get in touch via the “Contact Us” page.

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